Posted by Garfield Thomas
JAMAICA gained independence from Britain in 1962 and raised its black, green and gold flag.
The Rotary Club of Mandeville was admitted into Rotary International on January 28th, 1964 and received its Charter on April 25th, 1964, the first Rotary Club sponsored in Jamaica after Independence. The facsimile of the Jamaican Flag forms the background of the bannerette, with the saying that the Black stands for Hardships and the resilience of the Jamaican people, which means: "Hardships there are, but Jamaicans are resilient, the Land is Green, and the Sun Shines," as depicted in the green and yellow. Mandeville boasts the first Golf Course in the New World, which was made shortly after the first golf course in the world was established at St. Andrews in Scotland. This is depicted by the Golf Clubs shown on the left-hand side (later tennis was added at the Golf Club, which produced many Jamaican champion players) Mandeville boasts the oldest Horticultural Society in the New World, which was affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society in England. This is depicted by the flowers on the right. The steam shovel in the top quadrant depicts Mandeville as the centre of Jamaica's Bauxite Mining Industry. And of course the Sun depict our abundant sunshine.