Posted by Patrick Adizua
After arriving in Liverpool on Sept 15, I met my host counselor; President of the Wallasey Club Dr. Shymal Mukherjee and was introduced to the Rotary Club of Wallasey. I then headed south; to Bournemouth to attend the RIBI Inbound seminar, where I represented Jamaica in Patois much to the pleasure of the Rotarians in particular, RIBI President Allan Jagger who asked for a repeat performance.

I made a second visit to my host club, which is about thirty minutes by train across the river Mersey on the Wirral, and made an official introduction of myself and the Rotary Club of Mandeville. I shared with them a copy of the Rotary Club of Mandeville's weekly bulletin, which the president -elect Caroline used to make an introduction of the Ambassadorial Scholarship programme to the club.

The district conference was held on the weekend of the 20th here in Liverpool, and I was asked to introduce myself to the district, which I did at the Sunday morning brunch. I presented a Rotary Jamaica lapel-pin to the District Governor Tony Cotton on behalf of Mandeville RC and District 7020, as a token of their appreciation for hosting me. I have been invited to speak at four clubs in the district, and I will be making a presentation on Nov 7 and 13th. On Nov 8th I will be attending the annual Charity Ball held by the Rotary Club of Wallasey.

On an academic note, I have been thoroughly enjoying the course thus far. Last week was the end to the first two modules and will begin a new set of three next week. I have been elected chairperson of my MBA Entrepreneurship course which is the only MBA programme to have the responsibility of having to run a club. I have also participated in a panel of four students to pose questions to weekly guest speakers. My programme director has also asked me to consider working on a project for publication as a replacement for my dissertation. So I think I've made a good impression thus far and the grades should reflect that.

Apart from that I'm great, no sicknesses or anything, getting integrated and making friends, not home least not yet.

Kaysi-Ann Spence