Posted by Orville Morgan

The Rotary Club of Naples in Florida, USA, has donated 23 state-of-the-art electric beds and five reclining chairs, all worth over J$9 million, to the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

            A ceremony to mark the official handing over of the supplies took place at the hospital Wednesday April 2nd, 2008.            

"This is an opportunity to help this hospital continue to grow and it's my pleasure to bring this to you as part of the total Rotary experience for the benefit of the residents of Mandeville." Randy Long, President-elect of the Rotary Club of Naples said at the ceremony.

            According to Long, the new beds, which are all electrically operated, are designed to reduce injuries that often occur when patients roll out of their bed.   

            "What we looked at was how do we minimise one of the major problems for senior adults and that is, falls which often lead to death or major complications," Long explained. "What we found was a bed that gets really low to the ground so if a resident in their agitated state rolls out of bed and falls on to a fall mat, they won't break anything." The Naples Rotarian added.

          Paulette Elliott, CEO of the MandevilleRegionalHospital, expressed her delight at receiving the new beds and chairs. "We are grateful for these gifts and I hope that this partnership will continue." Elliott said. "I just want to thank you (the Rotary Club of Naples) for making it Mandeville Regional Hospital and today just shows that when you are given even a little, much more will come," she added.

            Mrs. Dale Greaves-Smith, President of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, reiterated the need for the beds at the hospital. "This is not our first project with the Rotary Club of Naples and I'm sure it's not the last. These electric beds are well needed here at the hospital and are a welcome addition.  The Rotary Club of Mandeville is happy to be a part of this."

            Following the ceremony, nurses at the hospital as well as attendees at the ceremony were given the opportunity to examine and test the beds before they are put in to commission.