The Rotary Club of Mandeville, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kingston, was admitted into Rotary International on January 28, 1964, and received its Charter on April 25, 1964. This began a tradition of great fellowship and camaraderie among its members, which persists to this day, and exemplifying the Rotary Motto of "Service Above Self".

The Club has been actively involved in extending Rotary by sponsoring the Rotary Clubs of Christiana, Black River and May Pen.

Although it is not possible to list all the projects and activities of the Rotary Club of Mandeville in this restricted article, it is attempted to present here a bird's eye view of some of the wide and varied undertakings which have been designed and implemented to assist the Youth, the Elderly, Health, the Handicapped, the Environment, and the Community.


Youth.   The Rotary Club of Mandeville is noted for its involvement with the youth;   the Careers Expo put on in conjunction with the Manchester Guidance Counsellors Association attracts some 3000 students each year, affording them exposure to various career opportunities. The Club has sponsored three Rotaract Clubs (for age group 18 to 30) at Northern Caribbean University, Church Teachers' College, and Mandeville Community, and four Interact Clubs (age group 14 to 18) at Bellefield Secondary School, DeCarteret College, Belair High School and Manchester High School. It also assists needy students with school fees and examination fees.

The Club participates in The Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Programme, and its alumni include Member of Parliament Audley Shaw, Lola Wright - principal of Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, who was trained to teach those who teach the deaf, Laurel Williams who studied Veterinary Surgery, and more recently Shelly-Ann Bowen who is pursuing a Ph.D degree in Clinical Cytology and Public Health, Heather Bernard who is studying International Relations, and Delano Ellis studying Digital Media.

The Club built the Waltham Basic School with the hope that in addition to teaching the young children of the area, it would be used to train basic school teachers. The Club has paved the yard of the Dunrobin Basic School, and built the Mandeville Craft Institute which at first provided training in motor mechanics, but is now training Homemakers and Caterers. 

The Club has provided desks and benches for the Villa Road All-Age School, and recently repainted the school buildings, while several schools are being provided with water storage tanks.


Elderly.   The Rotary Club of Mandeville is very much involved with Senior Citizens, as exemplified by the construction of a Chapel at the Manchester Infirmary, and the special relationship with the Curphey Home which houses veterans of the two World  Wars.

Health.  The Club has supported The Rotary Foundation's masterpiece - the eradication of Polio world-wide - through cash contributions to the World Fund, and in working with the local Health Department in the immunization of children.

The Rotary Club of Mandeville has had a long association with the Mandeville Regional Hospital, including painting various wards at different times, donating beds, linens and drapes, and tiling floors.

One of the most costly projects the Club has undertaken is the construction - within the hospital - of the Medical Laboratory and Blood Collecting Centre, and recently this was equipped with a Cold Room. In addition, the Club has provided a state-of-the-art Incubator to assist in lowering infant mortality.

In the year 2005, in commemoration of Rotary International's Centennial, (Rotary was founded in Chicago in 1905), the Rotary Club of Mandeville provided the Hospital with state-of-the-art critical care equipment at a cost of over six million dollars, to enhance the hospital's life-saving capability.

The Club has also assisted the Interact Club of Belair High School with the planting of a Centennial garden within the Hospital grounds.


Handicapped.   The Rotary Club of Mandeville has a long association with the Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf, providing them with their very first dormitory and first classroom. The Club has also upgraded their kitchen, equipped their computer room with computers, and in cooperation with a number of overseas Clubs has provided them with farm equipment, including a tractor, pick-up truck and other farm vehicles. The Club is also actively involved in supporting their Jamaica Deaf Village Project, and recently provided them with millions of dollars-worth of a wide array of tools in support of their workshop and vocational activities.

The Rotary Club of Mandeville is also providing a classroom block extending over 1000 sq.ft. at the School of Special Education (School of Hope) on Woodlawn Road.

Environment.    The Rotary Club of Mandeville is involved in environmental concerns, and launched the Mandeville Keep-Clean Campaign, which included the provision of garbage receptacles, and bumper stickers advocating cleanliness in the town.

Community.   The Rotary Club of Mandeville enjoys a good rapport with the Community of Mandeville, which is very supportive of the Club. In 1990, the Club undertook the revival of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, culminating in its very successful Expo '93, showcasing the innovative and productive activities of the region.

The Club's annual Christmas Carol Service held in the Manchester Shopping Centre is always well attended and involves participation from members of local churches, other Service Clubs, and the community.

As a further community outreach, the Club's annual Vocational Awards are made to recognise those who contribute significantly to the community; and in previous years the Club sponsored the Small Farmers' Competition in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Jamaica Agricultural Society.

As was the case with Hurricane Gilbert, after the passage of Hurricane Ivan the Rotary Club of Mandeville was very much involved in relief efforts.  In partner-ship with the Jamaica Red Cross, the Club provided substantial quantities of food items, planting material such as vegetable seeds, and fuel to facilitate their delivery.

The Rotary Club of Mandeville, along with The Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Club of Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, partnered with the Manchester Branch of the Jamaica Red Cross Society to provide a fully-equipped Ambulance to enhance their disaster and emergency activities.

Fund-Raising.    The Rotary Club of Mandeville's annual fund raising activities include their well attended Valentine's Dinner and Dance, and their highly-acclaimed Rotary Roast barbecue family fun day, and the Club is always most grateful for the community's support in these efforts.